Progressive Equine Medicine

Dr. Feist provides comprehensive mobile veterinary care for your equine friends and athletes.  Services provided include:

  • Comprehensive equine dentistry
  • Equine reproductive management
  • Sport horse medicine such as lameness examinations, performance evaluations, and joint injections
  • Travel documents and brand inspections
  • Pre- Purchase examinations
  • Nutrition consultation
  • Parasite management
  • Diagnostic laboratory testing
  • Field surgery
  • Emergency management

Herd Health for all Livestock Species

Preventative medicine to increase the health and productivity of your livestock.  Services provided include:

  • Regulatory medicine
    • Health certificates, brand inspections
    • Milk Certification, TB testing
    • Brucellosis testing and vaccination
    • Trichomoniasis testing
  • Herd management, preventative medicine, and vaccination recommendations for livestock species including:
    • Dairy and Beef cattle
    • Goats and Sheep
    • Alpacas and Llamas
    • Pigs
  • Parasite management
  • Reproductive management
  • Nutrition consults
  • Field surgeries
  • Diagnostic laboratory testing
  • Emergency management